How to Make a Step Change in Your Life, Empower COVID-affected People and Make Million $

Health Club COVID prevention
  • Delirium, a neuropsychiatric symptom of reduced cognition and memory, “symptom of SARS‐CoV‐2 infection, even in younger patients. The incidence of delirium in severely ill COVID‐19 patients is reported to be as high as 84%,” note the authors.

Digital health solutions from HealthClub — Telewellness Consortium: 100 times more cost-effective.

Thus, Telewellness — Healthclub personalized COVID prevention toolkit is revolutionizing health industry, and you can make use of this shift!

Make your mind now, or you will lose the most important window of opportunities in 50 years!

It is personal now: my mother has died.

If your goal isn’t impact, you’re missing the point




Business angel

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Edward Musinski

Edward Musinski

Business angel

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